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They say that if you want to succeed at anything in life, you have to have an altruistic purpose behind it.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t intend to profit from your project, but that its primary purpose be for the good of others.

I began my quest 20 years ago to uplift the morale of the lone parent.  I decided to create a symbol that single parents would wear proudly, and confidently.  I  believed that when out shopping or hanging out for coffee, we would  easily recognize each other and voila; we would instantly have a new friend; solving issues faced by single parents

The cartoons were an extension of this concept, and with positive letters and calls into the editor of the newspaper in which Flying Solo was featured, I knew that I had succeeded somewhat in achieving my goal.

Now, I ask myself; “Had I not put Flying Solo on a shelf for all these years, would I have succeeded in taking my business to the heights it deserves to be taken to?”  They tell me now that we are currently in the grimmest economic times for newspapers, media, and publishing…all the areas that would normally support my venture.  Did I wait too long?  Or am I right where I’m supposed to be?  Let’s face it, people need to laugh just as much, if not more, than they used to.  People always need to give a gift of love and laughter to those for whom they care so much.

All that is different now is that I will likely have to go it alone.  I will have to make it without the seed money often provided by a publisher.  I will have to get my books in stores without the distributors who don’t even bother to return phone calls.  I will do it without the help of media.  I will succeed because my heart is and has always been with others.

If you see the look on the face of someone reading one of my cartoons; whether married or single, there is a  big laugh, and with it, a sigh.    Whether you’re young, old, divorced, single, or married, Flying Solo’s great pride is that it guarantees to provide a therapy session within every one panel cartoon.   Each cartoon is designed to validate the many challenges experienced by people on a day to day basis.  I do not take my challenging task lightly.  I have taken great pains to acknowledge the plight of men in divorce and being left widowed; something no one has bothered to do before.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.  I wish you all an easy journey.

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