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About Me

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I dedicate this web site to all those who bear tremendous responsibility in raising their children, while juggling every day pressures on their own.

My goal is to reach men and women, young and old; for as you know, finding yourself single again has no boundaries.

My journey began in 1993 when I decided that single people and single parents needed a "handshake of recognition" among each other. The name Flying Solo came to mind, and a logo of a World War II fighter airplane with parent and child, wearing goggles and scarves, flying in the wind, followed suit.  Merchandise bearing this logo sold in a wide range of stores.  At the same time, I was writing cartoons and to my surprise, Flying Solo was picked up as a regular feature in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

Today, I am proud to have reached my dream of self publishing a collection of my previous work, as well as many new cartoons, in to a book and desk calendar for 2010.

Flying Solo depicts every day situations by singles, and single parents around the world.  Each cartoon will provide a therapy session to those who can relate to the trials and tribulations of singles faced with some of the most unusual of circumstances.  My cartoons present a candid glimpse at the many situations one experiences while navigating through life as a "born again single" - the dating game, romantic exchanges, ongoing relationships with the "Ex", child rearing.

Whether single or married yourself, these cartoons are guaranteed to make you laugh at loud!!!

Many people want to know how it is that I have found humour, without anger, in circumstances that others may find to be extremely challenging.  The answer is easy, the ability to see both sides of every situation, and to understand that these experiences are moments in time, however long they may last, that one day be a memory that will likely cause a chuckle anyways!!!!

My life experiences have taught me the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and a good sense of humour even under the most adverse conditions.   I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, lived in France, England and the U.S., before settling in Canada. Although facing many challenges in my life, I couldn't help but look at these experiences as the absurdities that they were.  Here is hoping that you will find a way to look at life from another angle.


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